How I gave up the Food Rules, How I gave up to what “they” say,
How I took control in the POWER OF ME! 

I realized, I had only really mastered part of the equation, I actually enjoy working out, I do it for my mood as well as my health, but I was failing to eat a certain way. I struggled with the concept of eating many small meals per day. Grazing every 2-3 hours, regardless of hunger. And if I didnt…whoa Bitch Mcgee the queen of hangerland would show up!
The truth is, I can’t adhere to the “Rules” attached to some meal plans. Food Rules create anxiety for me…and most people. I felt obsessed and like a failure at the same time. (Remember, I’m was emotional eater, so this was bad!) I just didn’t have the flexibility in my schedule to eat every 2-3hrs, nor was I hungry every 2-3 hours, but I didn’t want to “wreck my metabolism”…I was eating out of habit, fear, frustration. I thought I fought that battle, I thought I had trained myself NOT to just eat to eat. I was gaining weight & I was frustrated. Then Chalene Johnson started talking about intermittent fasting with Melissa Mcallister and the 8 Hour Ab Diet ( Listen here ) …which lead me to other podcasts & studies and finally an epiphany…I am unique, not everything Ive been hearing (& preaching) will work for everyone. Especially me.

What if it turns out, that it’s really ok that I design the diet that works best for ME. What if I kicked the RULES to the curb, the guides and rules are not based on Me they are based on the avg person. Not my perfectly unique metabolism, blood type, schedule/life. So it was up to me to figure out what does work…

I lost 30lbs in about 60days, Ive kept it off! I’ve learned its OK cause it’s my life and my life is ok… Over the past 6 months, I participated in a Diet Beta test. It is about to be released to the public…they took all our questions, concerns, recommendations, results and they turned it into something amazing.

I will be participating in the certification program, so I can teach & coach you on your journey to forever fit!
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